Clippy is now Sidekick! All Clippy Pro features are now free. Read more here.

Clippy is now Sidekick!

Our team believes in a world where any creator, big or small, has the power and tools to become the creator they want to be.
Sidekick Team Vision

Clippy is now Sidekick!

Thousands of creators are using Clippy on their streams today and we’re always thinking about ways we can achieve that vision. We’re moving into a new stage for Clippy and so we think it’s fitting to introduce a new name that better represents the product we’re building. So from today, Clippy will be Sidekick.

Why Sidekick? Well, Clippy has always been that companion to your stream, supporting you in creating content. It was never just about clips, they were just one of the ways we helped. So we’re taking the focus off clips and putting it on being your Sidekick.

As part of this transformation, we’re going to be pausing Clippy Pro for the time being. Giving us your money for the product doesn’t help you become the creator you want to be. We want to focus on giving back to you, not the other way around.

So today, we’re doubling down on the core Sidekick product & we’ll be making all of its current features available for free to all users but that’s not all we’re releasing today.

That starts with a whole new experience. We’re taking the overlays that you know and love and giving them a new home in a world of widgets. By moving into this new world, we’re going to be able to bring you new features that aren’t just about showing clips.

The new editor is available in beta today at with both shoutout & BRB widgets and we’ve got some nifty widgets coming soon. We’re building this with the community so if you’ve got ideas, let us know, we’re all ears.

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