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Personal & Business Finances for Streamers As a streamer, it’s best practice to open a business checking account for all streaming related transactions.

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Start Earning Money Streaming on Twitch
Every gamer's dream is to make a successful streaming career, but just how do you do that? With Twitch providing multiple ways to make money on their platform, people often ask which is the best way. Here are all the ways you could earn money streaming on Twitch.
Growing your Twitch: How to gain more viewers
Nowadays, everyone is looking to find a career streaming on Twitch. The popular platform, which reported 7.5 million streamers within its database in 2021, has seen an influx in numbers recently.
5 Tips to Grow Your Following on Twitch
Take content creation to the next level and make a name for yourself with our 5 tips to improve your content and grow your following.
Are Twitch Donations or Tips Taxable for Streamers?
As a streamer, there are a handful of ways to earn income. As I’m sure you know well. Often it can be confusing to understand what needs to be reported on your yearly tax return as income.
Personal & Business Finances for Streamers
 As a streamer, it’s best practice to open a business checking account for all streaming related transactions.
Debit & Credit Cards - What's Ideal for a Streamer?
For streamers specifically, it can be extremely easy to fall victim to not building strong credit. Think about it — there’s a good chance you probably run your stream from your parents house.
Four Tips to Maintain Healthy Streaming Habits
While we can’t all have weekly yoga sessions with our squad, there are things you can do to maintain healthy gaming habits as you grind it out with your friends or participate in your own gaming sessions. 
Top 10 Most Watched Games of All Time on Twitch
Each year, there are games that gain billions of watch time hours on the platform and rise in popularity, but have you wondered which are the top 10 most watched games on Twitch?
7 Business Expenses Streamers Should Consider Claiming
Business expenses. What qualifies? What doesn’t? How do I claim them? These are some of the questions I’m most asked when it comes to business expenses for streamers and content creators.
Clippy is now Sidekick!
We’re moving into a new stage for Clippy and so we think it’s fitting to introduce a new name that better represents the product we’re building. So from today, Clippy will be Sidekick.

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