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52 weeks. 52 influencers.
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eFuse was founded by gamers, for gamers. All throughout 2020 and beyond, eFuse is committed to providing life-changing opportunities #ForTheGamers.


Sit back, relax, pull out your favorite beverage, and enjoy all the best content from the eFuse community. With the lounge you can:

  • Stay up-to-date on everything gaming
  • Be discovered by fans, teams, & brands
  • Get your own content featured
  • Network with other gamers and professionals
  • Grow & learn from an authentic community


A place to build out your digital portfolio and to showcase your talents to teams, brands, and more:

  • Create your highlight reel
  • Track your gaming stats
  • Link your other socials and streams
  • Add professional work experience
  • Input education information
  • Share your events, honors and skills

eFuse Opportunities

If you're looking to take the next step in your career or passion for gaming then be sure to check out eFuse’s opportunity feed. Whether it be finding a scholarship, a job, a tournament, or anything in between, eFuse has the relationships to help you chase your dreams.

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