College CoD 2022 Season

College CoD

Refined over three years of competitive seasons, the CCL aims to be the prime example of competitive gaming for a collegiate player-base.

Our mission is simple: provide an exemplary competitive experience for college students through our games, our engagement with the players, and through our pursuit of professional-grade services and support.

Keeping gaming smooth, competitive, and easily accessible is step one. We are thorough in our match recording and broadcasting schedules to maintain constant communication and relationship building with competing teams. This helps us not only keep players growing and coming back, but helps develop schools' programs along the way.

This relationship with our players builds trust, friendships, and opportunities for students looking to get their feet wet in industry-reflective positions within the league. These positions feature extensive support and collaboration in design, programming, event management and facilitation, and more. We aim to support these students' growth and look to facilitate them creating amazing things.

With all this going on, we want to nurture an inclusive and extraordinary program around a game that brought so many together. The vision of the CCL is to keep going strong and keep building a place where sound competition meets exemplary talent, both in the competition, and behind the scenes.