Upcoming Changes to eFuse

Published on
Wednesday, August 24, 2022
Written by
Matt Benson (MJB)

Hello friends,

Beginning September 12th, 2022, the Chat, Lounge, and Opportunities features will no longer be available on eFuse.gg as we embrace our journey to expand and refine our product stack.

Through these channels, you’ve read up on your favorite games, discovered many emerging and top influencers, connected with different communities across the globe, and landed one of the over 35,000 gaming-related opportunities created through eFuse since launch.

Our core mission remains the same: To create a world where any person can change their life through gaming.

To achieve that mission, we are shifting our focus and resources to what matters most: providing you - the creators, gamers, streamers, artists, fans, anyone - the most rewarding and relevant experience possible.

The best is yet to come and it's just around the corner.... please stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued support!




Will my account login still work?
Yes, your login will still work on eFuse.gg in preparation for new features!
What is being removed officially?
The chat, lounge and opportunities features will no longer be available.
Why are you removing these features?
The next evolution of core eFuse products requires our focus to better fuel our overall mission on behalf of the gaming ecosystem. The team is committed to implementing what we‘ve learned from our community to provide a better overall eFuse experience.
What will happen to my posts and profile data?
With our products evolving, there will no longer be a functional use for your profile data or posts. They won‘t be accessible through the new experience at this point in time.
What is sticking around?
The eRena is here to stay - we are still working with some of your favorite creators and game publishers to bring you incredible competitions and content.
When will the new stuff be revealed?
Soon™ - just kidding. We recently transformed Clippy into Sidekick, a new overlay-based suite of creator tools which is free to our community today. We are actively working on new experiences for creators, players, and fans - stay tuned! It‘ll be worth it.

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